The Djabugay Bulmba Rangers, work in a wide range of environmental and cultural heritage conservation and community engagement activities. 

The project is jointly funded by Department of Environment and Science (DES) under their Queensland Indigenous Land and Sea Rangers program and the Community Development Program (CDP) hosted by the Organisation, with several CdP participants making up the team.

The Team, led by coordinator Jimmy Richards, is based at the Corporations’ Nyawarri Estate property. 

The Bulmba Ranger team pictured with Cultural Development Officer, Dennis Hunter (front right)

The Rangers undertake training in the specialised skills required to successfully implement the Bama Plan’s  traditional land management practices. The team undertake environmental and cultural management activities at Mona Mona and the Barron Gorge National Park to record and map the regions cultural heritage values, names and places with the aim of reviving the Djabugay language. 

Through the program the team collaborate with key partners to manage our land and the incorporate cultural values into its management:

  • eradication of pest species such as the Yellow Crazy Ants
  • the implementation of a cultural fire management plan
  • undertaking water quality and fisheries surveys 
  • complete flora and fauna biodiversity surveys 
  • work with schools to promote the natural and cultural resource management outcomes.