Djabugay Aboriginal Corporations is a not for profit, membership - based, Aboriginal community organisation that provide a range of business activities, products and services on behalf of, and for the interests of the Djabugay people. 

Our Six Corporations:

Our Main Business Activities

Djabugay Aboriginal Corporations consist of six related corporations that oversee a range of related program and business activities.

These include:

    •    Financial Management & Grants

    •    Property Management

    •    Native Title & Cultural Heritage

    •    Skill Development

    •    Culture & Language Promotion

    •    Development of Nyawarri Estate (Ranger station and Horticulture property)

    •    Bulmba Indigenous Rangers

The Corporations serve a variety of needs within the Natural Resource & Land Management sectors, Cultural  & Language sector and Skill Development, Employment & Engagement sectors.

Our Products and Services 

The Corporations currently host two Programs under the government’s Community Development Program (CDP):

    •    Indigenous Rangers

    •    Horticulture & Asset Maintenance

The Corporations also offer Fee for Service provision for a range of Land Management demands including casual labour for weed and pest control, fire control and management, and other land management tasks. We also offer a Fee for Service in regards to Cultural Heritage, including cultural surveys for building works and Welcome to Country proceedings for corporate events.

A key ‘product’ is Djabugay Cultural Heritage, and a range of ‘services and products’ stem from this area:

    •    Cultural Heritage Fee from Tjapukai Park

    •    Future Cultural Heritage Fee’s from Operators in Barron Gorge National Park

    •    A range of Language and Culture Books

Djabugay Aboriginal Corporations is currently developing a number of economic development concepts for further development.


1496 Kennedy Hwy

Kuranda Qld 4881

PO Box  495

Kuranda Qld 4881

P:  (07) 4093 8116

E: info@djabugay.org.au


Djabugay Aboriginal Corporations acknowledges the traditional custodians of the land and pay our respects to Elders past, present and future.