The Din Din Barron Gorge National Park is an internationally renowned natural icon and the Barron Falls an all powerful symbol of the significance of the area to the Traditional Owners.

For the Djabugay people, a Native Title determination in 2004 recognised their connection to country as Traditional Owners, and gave an opportunity to have a say on the management of the park. Yet, there is currently no comprehensive long-term agreement between Djabugay Traditional Owners and the Queensland Government regarding joint management of Barron Gorge National Park. 

For many years, Djabugay people have expressed concerns about existing arrangements for management of Barron Gorge National Park, specifically in relation to the lack of meaningful involvement by Traditional Owners and indigenous park staff, restrictions on traditional use of natural resources and the high numbers of tourists and certain tourist activities.

Djabugay Aboriginal Corporations, has been consulting the community and devising a new plan to move the agenda forward. The result, is a comprehensive document that draws on past research and achievements, and outlines a clear path forward.

Negotiations for a new Indigenous Land Use Agreement provide an ideal opportunity to work towards a Shared Vision between Djabugay People and the State of Queensland.

The plan aims to guide the development of a joint management model aimed at deriving social, cultural and economic benefits for Djabugay People and the people of Queensland, whilst protecting the natural and cultural values of Barron Gorge National Park.

The Djabugay Bulmba Bama Plan, is Djabugay people’s invitation to the Queensland State Government to work together towards achieving a shared vision for Din Din Barron Gorge National Park.

Din Din is Djabugay country, and it is a cultural landscape of great significance to Djabugay people. We now want to take up our responsibilities as custodians and become actively involved in the operational management of the Park and use our culture and the natural beauty of the park to create business ventures.

Where is the Bama Plan at now???

With our Bulmba Bama Plan now launched and sitting on a range of Government Department desks, we are now focused on new conversations, that will benefit Djabugay people.

Our dedicated staff are currently meeting with government and a range of stakeholders and partners to realise new opportunities for economic and enterprise development. We have also engaged a consultant to scope and define potential economic opportunities in this phase:

  • Scoping of the potential economic opportunities that flow from the visitation and use of the Barron Gorge Nation Park by tourist, locals and exisiting businesses that use the Park.
  • Scoping of the potential economic opportunities that may exist within the boarder Kuranda region.
  • Identify opportunities to engage with the broader tourism industry and where possible enhance industry products though cultural assets.
  • Provide recommendation on potential economic and wealth creation opportunities to be detailed including next steps, i.e business plan development and potential funding sources.